Mastermind takes your security and privacy very seriously. Mastermind uses end-to-end encryption to make sure that all of your information is secure.

All permissions on Mastermind are optional. If you do not grant the permission, you will not be able to use commands that require the corresponding phone permission.

Optional Permissions for Mastermind & commands that use them:

Calendar: Ask Mastermind to get my Schedule

Contacts: Ask Mastermind to Text Joe Bloggs

Location: Ask Mastermind to Start Casting (shows the weather conditions on your TV)

Phone: Ask Mastermind to Call Joe Bloggs

SMS: Ask Mastermind to Read my Messages

Storage: Ask Mastermind to Start Casting (shows your photos on your TV)

Notifications: Ask Mastermind to Get My Notifications

Device Usage: Ask Mastermind How Much Battery do I have?

Device Admin: Ask Mastermind to Start Casting (Casting to Chromecast from Alexa requires Mastermind to be able to Unlock your phone. This requires Mastermind to have Device Admin Permission.)