Your Contacts List is empty

Please follow these steps first.

  • Open the Mastermind app. Go to the Mastermind app settings.
  • In the Troubleshooting section, click on Re sync contacts.

Within 10 minutes, your contacts should be synced. Ideally, you will see a notification on your phone mentioning that your contacts have been uploaded.

In the odd case that the above steps do not work, we would recommend uninstalling and re-installing the Android app on your phone (re-grant all the permissions etc).

Say your contact name EXACTLY as it shows in the app

When calling or texting a contact in Mastermind, please say the name exactly as it shows up in the app settings. Using the format of “Firstname Lastname” generally works the best. If you want to change the name of your contact, you will need to change the contact name and mobile number on your phone and then re-sync your contacts to Mastermind. You might have to delete the contact first from your phonebook and then re-add them with the correct name and number that you want to use.

Look at your Alexa App Settings/History if Mastermind seems to lookup the wrong contact

For those who are curious to see what Alexa actually hears, go to the Amazon Alexa app on your phone, open the Settings and then go to History.

Alexa, Ask Mastermind to lookup contact

Then start saying names of your friends. You will see exactly what Alexa hears. We have to match that to something meaningful. You will see why writing Mastermind was extremely difficult and required us to do some complex phonetics and artificial intelligence algorithms to just get it to work.

We really hope Amazon is going to do a better job of name recognition soon.