Get Early Access to Mastermind Voice AI Assistant for Software Developers

We will soon be launching Mastermind with new capabilities and integrations, specifically designed for software developers.

Mastermind Assistant for software developers will include exciting new voice integrations:

    • Jira and Trello for task management
    • Slack for chat, messaging and collaboration
    • G Suite for calendar and email
    • Google Docs for document creation and sharing
    • G Suite calendar and email
    • Advanced meeting preparation set to your preferences
    • And more…

We invite you to be the first to experience Mastermind Voice AI Assistant for software developers.

When you sign up for this no-obligation test-drive of Mastermind you will receive:

    • First notification of Mastermind Voice AI for software developers availability
    • A free trial of Mastermind with usage tips and tutorials
    • The opportunity to provide feedback on the features and integrations you want